Charity Accreditation Process

All accredited charities


    •  Make your charity trusted by the giving community.

    •  Possess a Trust-mark–  A  symbol of excellence and leadership in the charitable sector.

    • Strengthen your organization and showcase excellence through our accreditation program.

    • Conform to our 15  standards of charity accountability.

    • Donor  will contact you directly from our website.

    • Forge a lasting partnership with our corporate members and donors.

    • Enjoy all the Benefits  enjoyed by CESRA members .


Stage 1: If you are not a member yet, start by registering as a CESRA Member – New user

Stage 2: Successful Registration will direct you to a listing form to create your Charity profile

  • Title: The name of your charity (Category – Charity accreditation)

  • Brief description of your charitable organization (up to 300 words)

  • Charity Mission and Vision, and Contact details

  • Charity Activities

  • Can add links of Video and links of CSR sustainability page

Stage 3: Payment of charity Accreditation is: $50= Paid Yearly

Step 4: After the Due diligence process, your Charity profile will be published on our website and the seal of charity excellence will show on your listing.

Step 5: Download that seal of charity Excellence and place it on your website and other marketing channels – Link it back to your profile page

Note: If you need help in developing your Charity profile on our platform, please let us know, we can help you develop one.


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