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Valley of Hope Children Foundation

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Valley of Hope Foundation acts as a BRIDGE to those Families and individuals willing to contribute to the betterment of orphaned children of Kenya through the adopt a family program. Our foremost philanthropic priority is to contribute to their physical, mental, emotional, educational and spiritual welfare of children and youth of Kenya in the adopt a family program.

Adopting a family that takes care of the orphaned children will enhance the quality of life for children in need, as well as their respective families, we actively help them gain access to live’s Basics.

At Tumani we believe that a Family... May it be made of grandmother, aunties, or distant blood relatives, is always a good place for children who have been orphaned.  A family is a nurturing and caring environment and is the ideal place in which to raise a child.

A family helps children to develop a sense of self-esteem, belonging, family values, and religious and cultural identity. Due to the nature of family care, children learn to interact better with the community and are better equipped to face life challenges than those placed in institutions. This is because most institutions are highly structured, controlled and operate according to strict routines of the Government.


Services Offered

Adopt a Family – The Model

The Adopt-A-Family Program matches donors with poor families in Kenya that are taking care of orphaned children instead of placing them in orphanages and institutions. Needy Families are referred to us by social service agencies who have identified their needs.

  • You will only adopt a family that is taking care of an orphan or a destitute child that would have been placed in an orphanage
  • 100 % of Your support will be channeled directly to the family adopted
  • Any amount will be accepted to kick start your relationship with the adopted family. Once you get to know them better you will either decide to add your support or to remain the same
  • All communication will be channeled through the foundation
  •  You are allowed to visit your adopted family whenever you wish
  •  Adopt a family program request you to take care of the child’s Basics – Food, Education, clothing
  • In some cases, you may (optional) support the family to start a business that can help them in sustainability – under strict guidelines.

Immediate needs

  • Looking for supporters to more than 10 families living and taking care of orphans
  • School fees for orphans living with foster families
  • Christmas gifts for orphaned children
  • Food and basics needs for the children
  • School Fee for Mary Wambui

Long Term Needs:

Volunteers: Volunteering means that you will come and live with the family that is taking care of orphaned child/children. Experience the life they live, Mingle with the children, teach them something they don’t know, the list is endless. Want to Volunteer? Click here

Donate School Fee

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    Vision: Become the preferred provider of child welfare and educational services connecting orphaned children to families  with a vision to serve vulnerable children Mission: Helping orphans & Strengthening Families

  • Current board Members

    Julie W Nyaga Moses Chege Jaya DaCosta - UK overseer

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  • List of Charity Activities

    1. Adopt A Family program 2. School Fees for orphaned Children- paid directly to the school

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