CSR Video Contest details

From Left to Right, 2016 CSR Awards and Ms. corporate Judges: Caroline Ngina, Sophie Momanyi, Denis Njeri, Sonstar Peterson, Carol Odero, (sitting) Aaliyah Musili- Ms. Corporate Kenya Winner, CSR ambassador for Urban Empire Company 

Call for Entries – Video Contest – CSR and Sustainability

Celebrating our 3rd annual CSR Awards, in our quest to identify and reward CSR excellence in Africa, CESRA  is delighted to present the 3rd edition of the CSR Contest & Awards.

As the leading CSR  association in Africa, CESRA values the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility which we believe will be key in ensuring sustainability, social and economic development.

CESRA has introduced this contest in order to recognize members for integrating CSR initiatives in their business operations with a hope to provide a platform to showcase our members’ efforts to generate deep positive impacts for individuals, society, and the environment via their CSR programs.

Beyond showcasing the achievements and contributions of our corporate members and other CSR practitioners, CESRA aspires to have a transformative impact on the private sector and its attitudes towards CSR. This will only be achieved in collaboration with all stakeholders.


A festival of short documentary-films that highlights initiatives of brands that are pushing the boundaries of CSR excellence at their workplace.

Online Contest Categories of Short Documentary – only 3-5 minutes Maximum (including the closing credits)

  • Best Labour Relation reporting

  • Best Environmental Initiative

  • Best Market Place/business

  • Best Community Relation initiative

  • Public choice – People’s award

  • Best CSR reporting and communication


▪ Quality of the production and clarity of the message
▪ Power of the proposals and solutions and its replicability

Your short documentary film must

  • show a challenge in your city of operations (eg transportation, education, refugees, health, climate change, etc …)

  • Show solutions or ideas of new initiatives that could tackle such  issues and, potentially, in a theme covered by one of the UN SDGs

  • Integrate subtitles in English and must be 3-5 minutes long

Application process 

Step 1: Get your CSR representative to record a 5-minute maximum video Documentary about your CSR topic.  See sample clips

Step 2: Upload you video to the youtube channel

Step 3: Go to https://csr-world.org/csr-awards/

  • Enter the name of your company under Title

  • In one Sentence Enter the description on your project and put the Youtube link after the Description

  • Enter the logo of your company under the Image slot  and click to submit

Step 4: Pay the Entry Fee of $50

Step 5: You entry will now be live and you can promote your link


  • Winners will receive a plaque for CSR Champion Awards. We award Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies to the first three in each category

  • company will be listed in the top 100- CSR100

  • Winners will receive a Seal of CSR  Excellence:– can display on your website and other documents

  • Certificate of Excellence: Your company will receive an Accreditation Certificate for 1 year


  • All large, medium, small scale organization and their units are eligible for participation in the CSR Awards contest

  • Any organization from these countries

Judging the competition 

  • Entries will be judged by a panel of corporate, agency and academic executives as well as by the staff of CESRA.

  • The jury evaluates entries based on creativity, innovation, sound planning, implementation, outcomes, stakeholder involvement and overall benefit to the community

  • The most important benchmark is a proven success in aligning strategic objectives with end goals.

  • Quality (esthetics) of the production and clarity of the message

  • The power of the proposals and solutions and its replicability

  • Public Video Likes/Love – will be a judging item. The more likes/love the more point one earns

Awards Application Time Line

  • Application period = ongoing

  • Winners will be announced after the online voting is closed.

Video Contest – CSR and Sustainability