Benefits Of Accreditation


Accreditation helps determine if an institution, either corporate or nonprofit meets or exceeds minimum standards of quality in accountability and transparency. 

  • Seal of Excellence: Display the CESRA’s Accredited Seal on your organization’s documents, website, and appeals.

  • Searchable Online presence with a detailed profile in our “Accredited only” directory. 

  • Demonstration of technical competence to provide reliable and accurate results and information.

  • Identifying, evaluating and matching you with partners that have the greatest potential to benefit your organization.

  • Determining your organization marketability within your  market and country

  • Discounts on Courses, conferences, events &  loads of free resources Networking opportunities, publications, and services

  • Efficient management system, improved services, fewer customer or partner complaints, and a strong competitive edge.

This is a valuable tool. Start the Accreditation process today. Learn More